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Kaleigh Scott

Founder & President

Kaleigh started Routine Clean by doing make-ready cleans part time, and built it into the commercial cleaning business it is today. Prior to establishing Routine Clean she worked as an Analyst for a major Golf Brand. Kaleigh has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling. She is also an Executive MBA Candidate at TCU for the class of 2024. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth and a supporter of the Recovery Resource Council. Her Vision is to give hope to the people around her and inspire them to bring all of who they are to the world everyday.

Clean Kitchen

About Routine Clean

Mission Statement

Research has proven that a clean space elevates moods and leads to higher productivity. In Brene' Brown's latest book, Atlas of the Heart, she said: "Just like I am convinced that my car goes faster after I get an oil change. I can feel my house sighing with relief when I take 5 bags of stuff to the local shelter. There's a lift and a lightness, and a sense of control. The house stands a little straighter without the extra weight, and I feel freer with a little less baggage." Our Mission is simple: to increase you and your client's quality of life and well-being by providing a clean space to live and work in.

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